Textile printing

We print fabric at Forssa Fabric Oy at the roots of Finnish textile printing in the proud red-brick milieu of buildings. The first textile printing machine came to Forssa back in the year 1861 which means that there has been over 160 years of textile printing happening continuously.

The printing is done with the only working artisanal screen-printing machinery in Finland. This technique is also called silkscreen printing, serigraph printing or film screen printing. Our machinery is from 1968 and we ourselves have used in since 2009.

We offer our clients textile printing service honoring the traditions. The technique we use allows us to take in orders of even smaller portions of textile printing. Best suitable amount of printing colour for each pattern with this method is one or two colours. Depending on the pattern there could also be more than two colours. Picture-like and multicoloured patterns can’t be achieved with this technique.

We print fabric by meter or as singular prints, and we print both interior textiles and clothing textiles. The best materials for printing are different natural fibers like linen or cotton. Some of our clients are professionals in art, fashion and interior design, design offices, organizations etc. 

Our specialty is a tailored service. We design and make products for customer’s liking from sketching to a finished product. We are flexible when it comes to customer’s wishes and custom-made products. Even during the first phase of designing a pattern, we are there to support and help the customer. The screen-printing method in use has a lot of perks but there are also some limits to it. Therefore, it is for the good of the customer that we at Rykkeri come along from the beginning of the process. We can also design individualistic corporate gifts for businesses.