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RYKKERI – Finnish style with a big heart


The Finnish Rykkeri product is known for its distinctive patterns and bold colour combinations. Rykkeri Collection produced entirely as handwork from start to finish in Forssa at the roots of textile printing amongst the proud red-brick milieu of buildings.

Our collection includes women’s clothing, men’s shirts, accessories, interior textile products and fabrics for both clothing and interior decoration.

The Rykkeri Collection has been produced since 2014. The first tunic dress model of our collection is still made today. Since the beginning it has been clear to us that clothes are designed timeless and future-proof. Every now and then we replenish our collection with some new summer or winter models.

We want our clothes to bring our customers functionality in the everyday life, convenience when in a hurry and all in all cheerfulness with one’s individualistic style. We design the collections, the patterns, print the fabrics and make the products. We wish our clothes to be long-lasting and multi-purpose. The products and patterns are timeless, we use quality materials and produce clothes with uncompromising craftsmanship. This is how we assure the products durability limit and functionality. Our clothes are never mass-produced but made as small series or singular products. This allows us to make custom-made clothing tailored just for the customer’s needs. By making clothes by demand, we make sure our storage won’t fill up too much.

We choose our materials carefully.

The textiles we use need to be high quality, ecological and durable. The knitted fabrics used in our clothing line are produced in Finland and we also have some alternatives made from recycled materials. We want to take responsibility of our planet’s wellbeing. There is barely any unnecessary waste since we use the materials with careful consideration and the products are made here from start to finish. That’s how we make sure the transportation part of the production process doesn’t stress the environment.

Care instructions for clothes

By caring for your clothes, you can ensure the longest possible durability limit for them. By doing that we can collectively take responsibility of the well-being of our environment and diminish environmental impacts. Our design is timeless, and we use quality textiles made in Finland.

The most important factors in the instructions are washing and repairing the clothes. Clothes don’t need to be washed all that often and especially merino fabric likes to be aired out. By reducing washes, we can save water, energy, and the use chemicals. 

Refurbishing clothes 

You can also bring clothes in for refurbishing to Rykkeri. By making minor alterations to clothes, we can boost its uses. The old piece can be made anew with some new pattern design, pockets or maybe by making a collar into a hood. Changing the old beloved clothing piece can make its life cycle a lot longer.

We also repair clothes bought from Rykkeri. Because the materials are so durable, it’s advised to invest in repairing them as well.

Contact info@rykkeri.fi and we’ll design together

We want dressing up to be fun, stylish, encouraging, individualistic and practical.