Us and Rykkeri

Our Work


The basis of all our work is our love and passion for textile printing. Cultural sustainability is important to us, 
and we do our best to preserve the local cultural history,enliven it and share awareness about it. This is the force which pushes us forward.

We started in the year 2009. At first, we printed fabric mostly for customers’ needs and, on the side, 
we executed some small-scale projects of our own. Our enterprise has grown over the years and slowly 
changed because in when in Häme, you can’t act rashly.


Rykkeri is our brand, but it is also what we call our premises. The word ‘Rykkeri’ originates from the Swedish term trycka tyg
which translates to printing fabric. The person printing fabric or operating the printing machine was called ‘rykkäri’ and printing ‘rykkääminen’.
These are the matters which have formed our beloved word Rykkeri.

Our Collection

Our own Rykkeri Collection has been alive since 2013. The first product was called ‘Vituke’ or ‘Pillunpäre’ which was a seat cover for sauna
made of wooden splinters in the times way past. Those were made especially for women. Alongside ‘Vituke’ came two similar productscalled ‘Jormake’ and ‘Pyllyke’. This collection inspired by the Finnish folklore had two additions later own and those were ‘Paskatikut’ (poop sticks) and ‘Vanhan ämmän perseenpyyhin’ (the old hag’s ass wiper).
You can find more info from the links down below.

The first tunic dress of our clothing collection we have made back in 2014 and we make them still. From the beginning of our journey,
it has been crucial for us to design timeless and future-proof clothes. We don’t have seasonal collections or season sales.
The collection is replenished with a few new models in the summer and the winter. We produce clothes in small quantities and in singular pieces.

Our strategy in a nutshell

Our strategy consists of few different unities

We DESIGN products from start to finish which make our own collection

We PRINT fabric for customers with their own patterns as well as patterns in our own collection

We MAKE products for customers and our shop

We WELCOME tourists and visitors as well as interns from different levels of education

We ORGANISE courses for groups

We CO-WORK with many different people, companies, schools, and day-care centers

Our team

We are a team of four conveniently different women. We complete each other’s weaknesses with our own strengths. None of us could do all this work alone but together we form an iron force of professionalism.

Us four women are the ones who possess the strong and versatile work experience and education in the textile industry. 

We work with joy, gratitude, and enthusiasm to create something new.